PresS 2017

SPA 400 / 15-16 april 2017!

A novelty ... in the name of tradition!

In two months already, during the Easter weekend, the Spa-Francorchamps circuit will serve as a prestigious setting for a new meeting:
Spa 400! Which will include the first round of the 'Hundred Series by BGDC', new name of the Belgian Gentlemen Drivers' Club reserved for amateurs, gentlemen-drivers and young wolves from karting.
By playing both the role of promoter and organizer, the driving forces of the BGDC have primarily wanted to reconnect with a certain Belgian tradition of long-distance races accessible to passenger cars, but not only, on 'the most beautiful circuit of the world'.

"This new meeting will focus on two endurance races, including the Spa 400," explains Raphaël van der Straten, President of the BGDC. From Saturday, a 240-minute race will bring together the German DMV 'Nes500', in addition to the '318TI Cup' series and the well-known BMW M235i Racing Cup and Belgian BMW Clubsport Trophy. That's more than 50 cars on the starting grid. As for the flagship race of the weekend, the Spa 400, type Open, it will have a duration of 400 ... minutes, or 6:40 ', and it will be contested by the usual competitors of the BGDC, the two BMW Cups, but also other competitors, so many races in the race. The panel of eligible cars has indeed been expanded, so as to accommodate for this event cars such as Porsche 991 Cup, Ferrari Challenge, etc. Currently, three series already make up the Spa 400 event. "

BGDC new look

This long-term kick-off in our Ardennes will also familiarize us with the new 'Hundred Series by BGDC' regulation, a competition that will be welcoming Tourism cars, GTs and Silhouettes this year. Changes in Division 1, which will still accommodate four Classes (Class A / - 1600cc, Class B / 1601 to 2000cc, Class A16T / 1501 to 1650cc turbo and Class D / 2001 to 2500cc), or Division 2, with E-Class from 2501 to 3000cc and Class F from 3001 to 3500cc.

However, there is the appearance of a Division 3 reserved for passenger cars, GT and Silhouettes, according to the following breakdown: Class G from 3501 to 4000cc for cars before 31/12/2013, Class S - For Silhouettes of less than 3500cc, and Class S + for Silhouettes of more than 3500cc.Quant to Division 4, it will regroup the cars which do not fully comply with the Technical Regulations of the BGDC 2017, but which may be accepted on the basis of a file and in the manner determined by the RACB Sport and the promoter.

If the Spa 400 marks the start of the 2017 BGDC, a specific website is already dedicated to this unique event,, while the winner in the general classification, which will be more than ever the main issue, will be given an impressive trophy ... it will have to yield to the winner of the next edition, not without keeping a smaller replica of this cup. Timing side, qualifying will take place on Saturday afternoon, a warm-up is scheduled on Sunday morning, while the Spa 400 race will take off around 11:00.

Wat de timing betreft, zijn er de kwalificaties op zaterdagnamiddag, een warm-up op zondagochtend, en de race Spa 400 start om 11u00.

If it's a new and much anticipated meeting, Spa 400 will offer several activities that will delight fans and families, including the BMW and M-Power villages, but also the presence of two ... Smurfs more real than life, which does not will be sure to put the good mood in the paddock. Last but not least, a race of ... soapboxes, round of the very official Petits Patelins Trophy, will be in full swing on Saturday from 10 to 17 hours between the RAVeL and the Heliport. To discover ...

The entrance will be free and a Pit-Walk will be organized, with which everyone can enjoy and blend in the atmosphere. The event can be followed on the internet thanks to the CMG live streaming, but also the live timing of

Already thirty committed!

At present, some 40 crews are already in order of commitment, including the Bavarian BMW M235i Racing Cup and the BMW Clubsport Trophy. There are of course some fans of the BGDC, with Renault Clio III # 10, # 28, # 37, # 62, # 81, # 85, # 415, # 503, the Vauxhall Astra Coupe # 777 champion of the B Class in Division 1, Honda Civic # 6 and # 48, Peugeot RCZ Cup # 188 and # 288, BMW # 40, # 90, # 125, # 444 and # 888, Porsche including Boxster # 24 and several 991 Cups of the Speedlover Racing team, two MARC Cars V8,...

So it is a heterogeneous and impressive plateau that can be expected. A plateau that will of course constantly evolve over the next two months. We'll keep you posted. In the meantime, all you have to do is blacken the dates of Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 April in your diary...

And meanwhile, in Brussels...

While the promoters and organizers of the Spa 400 meeting are busy with what will undoubtedly be a great celebration of motor sport at the beginning of the season, the BGDC's driving force has definitely turned the page of the 2016 sports year. organizing their traditional awards ceremony at the Maison de l'Automobile, FEBIAC headquarters, in Brussels. The opportunity to officially award the trophies in Divisions and Classes, to reward the most beautiful decorations of the past year, but also to give some special prizes always very appreciated. A ceremony that ended with the President's Cup, Raphael van der Straten awarding this precious trophy to Guy Katsers, pilot and very experienced trainer, champion with Philippe Ménage of Class B in the BGDC D1 in 2016. Now place 2017 and one of its big novelties: Spa 400!